Welcome to the website of the San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle! 

The SFBATCC promotes and serves theatre of all types and sizes throughout the nine Bay Area counties. We are currently seeking to increase our membership with individuals who regularly review or write about theatre via print (daily, weekly, or monthly distribution), radio, television or digital media, OR those who, through their participation in the community as directors, designers, performers, non-reviewing media members, etc., would bring an additional level of critical perspective and experience or other theatrically-related background to the Circle and its Awards process. 


We are particularly interested in increasing our membership with those who regularly attend, review, write, blog, broadcast or are otherwise involved in the theatre communities of Solano, Contra Costa, Alameda and Santa Clara counties.

If you would like to join the Critics Circle and help bring increased awareness to theatre throughout the Bay Area as well as participate in the Circle's Awards process, please click below for more information... 

Joining the Circle

or send an email with any questions to    membership@criticscircle.org 


SFBATCC is a private 501(a) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and serving theatres of all types and sizes in the greater region by recognizing excellence and outstanding achievement in the field. Active since 1976, the Circle consists of reviewers covering theatre in all nine Bay Area counties, across various media, who are voted into membership by existing members based on the quality and consistency of their reviews. The Circle hosts an annual awards ceremony each Spring to celebrate superior work in the previous year.

To quote past President Jerry Friedman:  The purpose of the Circle was and still is to promote the growth and recognition of theatre in the Bay Area; to promote a continuing fellowship among its members; to advance the professionalism of theatre criticism; to encourage research, discussion and study of the problems and techniques of theatre; to strengthen and maintain the highest standards of service and ethical conduct by all members; to exchange ideas and experiences that may enhance and improve the professional knowledge of the membership; to solicit gifts and grants to further the organization's goals; and to reward excellence in all phases of theatrical production through the Circle's annual awards.

Browse our website to learn more about the Circle, its current members, links to their reviews, Bay Area theatre news, and upcoming events. The Photo Gallery features pictures from previous awards ceremonies.